Our group is called Pathway because this is how we see the journey through life.  On our individual pathway we meet with others, sometimes briefly, sometimes longer term, and we share our experiences.  Our sat nav for the journey is, of course, the bible. 

The aim of any Christian group is to strengthen faith and forge a closer relationship with God and as we look at the Who? What? Why? Of Christianity we are sometime surprised to find that the people of the bible had very similar problems to our own, for example: crises of faith, physical ill health, family problems, marriage difficulties, bereavement, disillusionment, money worries, as well as the worldwide problems of war, famine, refugees – the list goes on.  In the group we look at how these people turn to their faith and we see how we can apply their experiences to our everyday lives. 

It is also helpful to look at contemporary Christians and see how they have fared on their journey.  It is exciting to discover, and rediscover Jesus’ teaching and see how it applies to modern life.  Some of the topics we have enjoyed discussing include: Who were the Gospel writers? What did Jesus look like? Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Who was St Valentine? Should Christians be religious? How did Simon of Cyrene feel about carrying the cross? Are you a Mary or a Martha? It is always lovely to see new faces in the group and we offer a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join us.




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