Baptism is something we are commanded to do by Jesus, as part of someone coming to faith on their discipleship journey. 


A thanksgiving service may take place at any time convenient to the family and the minister taking the service. It may, if wished, take place during a main Sunday service.

Thanksgivings for children are becoming increasingly common. They happen for a number of reasons that include:

-Families who would prefer to wait until their children can make a decision about baptism and faith for themselves.

-Those who feel unable to make the promises required within the baptism service but would still want to thank God for the arrival of their baby.

-Those for whom the focus is on the child rather than the Christian faith, but who would like an initiation or naming ceremony.

- Those who would like a separate service for their child outside of Sunday worship.


If you would like more information please contact the church office on 01322 336505

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